The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation’s mission is to help those in need,
both financially and with advice. Unbureaucratic, fast and effective help is given
to the mentally and physically disabled and to those who find themselves in need
through no fault of their own.
Any aid is funded by income from the Foundation’s assets, supplemented by
donations from celebrities and institutions which support the idea behind the
Foundation. Other sources of income include the proceeds from sports or social
events organized by sponsors.
To ensure that the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation becomes a permanent
institution, it has been decided that the capital stock must remain intact and be invested in accordance with commercial principles.  
The controlling body of the Foundation is composed of the Board of Trustees and
the Advisory Council, whose members all act on a voluntary basis. The Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council are bound by law and the Foundation is subject
to examination by the Foundation Authority.
Board of Trustees
Franz Beckenbauer
Dr Friedrich Nottbohm
Advisory Council

Dr. Wilfried Krebs (chairman)
Alois Hartl (deputy chairmann)
Heidrun Beckenbauer
Alf Bente
Prof. Dr. Christian Chaussy
Prof. Dr. Herbert Henzler
Dietmar Hopp
Udo Knop
Günter Netzer